Meet the Artist - Dustin Wagner

Blowing and forming molten glass has been my life for 15 years. I use traditional Italian techniques along with unorthodox methods I’ve created through trial and error to form an ever growing body of sculptural and blown work. Some of my methods include creating my own metal tools to affect the glass in ways that traditional tools cannot. When applied to the molten glass, these innovative tools give the forms a look that sets them apart from ordinary blown glass. For example, my Psycho Zebra Vases are sculpted from the inside to drastically change the exterior form. This technique gives the illusion of a fluid like appearance to the vase body. All of my work can be enjoyed from many angles because of all the details I incorporate. Step to one side or the other and gain a whole new vantage point that provides a new refreshing perspective. The direction of my work as a whole is organic yet contemporary. I enjoy creating glass that is clean with natural lines that flow with the curvature of the imagination. The pattern work and unusual shapes of my entire body of work can transform an interior space by becoming the focal point or can just as easily blend into the design of the space. This is all done through custom detailing based on my vision as well as the needs of my clients. It is my goal to share my glass with the world because I believe I have an interesting and unique perspective in this field of art. Thank you for visiting with me today and have a great day, even if it takes all day!