Paperweight Classes


I highly recommend taking this class first before taking others, although not a requirement. In this course will learn the true basics of glassblowing. Even though we will only be sculpting the glass, it will introduce you to the movements of what it takes to be a glassblower. You'll learn about the tools and machines as well as the cooling process and of course a bit of history thrown in!

Class Description: First, you will see my skills in action with a demonstration of creating this basic yet beautiful staple of glassmaking. You will be provided with the option of 2-3 colors to mix as well as some guidance as to what type of internal world you would like to capture within your paperweight. I will guide you through each step as we heat and shape your piece.  


Call Dustin at 419-348-9203 to schedule today or email us at

1900 E 2nd Street
Dayton, Oh 45403



  1. Please arrive 15-20 minutes before your scheduled class. A fee will be charged for arriving past the scheduled class time.
  2. Minimum 4 people per class. Individual bookings will be combined to meet the minimum requirement. Exceptions can be made if combining multiple classes to create a private workshop.
  3. Each group class will be making the same piece. This helps with the overall rhythm of the workshop because we will be demonstrating what you are making at the beginning of the session, so it’s good we are all on the same page!
  4. Everyone must sign a waiver. Glassblowing can be dangerous but trust in us to keep you safe, we've been doing this a long time!
  5. A 50% deposit is required to hold your spot. If you need to cancel you must do so at least 7 days in advance or deposit will be forfeited. This is a very time sensitive and expensive art so ample time for us to fill our schedule is a top priority.
  6. Please acknowledge any special requirements upon scheduling. We will do our best to accommodate every situation to give all participants a great and safe time. An extra glass artist may be needed to help.
  7. Everyone must wear closed-toe shoes. NO SANDALS. Save those toes for the beach!
  8. Finished work will be available for pick up after 48 hours.
  9. Let's have some fun!


Blowing glass is a fascinating medium. It's a material that you can never truly touch with your hands. It takes specialized tools that are centuries old in design. Nothing feels more amazing than grabbing molten glass with a large pair of tweezers and stretching it out. It is truly a bizarre and fascinating world to experience!

We can't wait to have you!